How to Change Your Name on Gmail

How to Change Your Name on Gmail

You may think your email address is what people see when a message pops into their inbox, but in reality, the name you selected when you created your Gmail account is the way your email identifies itself to your recipients. If you set up your Gmail account with a name you don't want to use, there are steps you can take to change it. Once your changes are made, they will carry across platforms. This means that any email you send from your Gmail account via any device will reflect the name change.

1 How to Change Your Name on Gmail

Changing your name on your Gmail account is a good way to make sure that you know exactly what people are seeing in the "From" field when they see an email come in. Many people have different Gmail accounts for different purposes, so default names like "Work" or "Personal" can inadvertently become the name that pops up in the "From" field when emails are sent. By logging into your Gmail account, you can change the name to whatever you want it to be by taking these steps:

  1. Sign into your Gmail account on a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Click the "Settings" icon in the top right-hand corner of the browser window.
  3. Once in the settings menu, click the tab that says "Accounts and Import."
  4. On the menu of settings below, you should see a row that says "Send mail as." Click the "edit info" hyperlink on the far right. 
  5. A dialog box appears with a blank space that allows you to enter the new name you want to use for your account. 
  6. After entering the name, click "save changes."
  7. Your changed name should now be reflected in the "Send mail as" bar. 

2 How to Change Your Name on Gmail From Your iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no way to change your name on Gmail from an iPhone. The Gmail app does not support changes to settings. Logging in from your iPhone's internet browser may allow you to access a settings menu in the Gmail mobile site, but it will not give you access to the "Accounts and Import" tab necessary to change the name on the account. If you want to change your name on your Gmail account you will need to log in to Gmail on a desktop or laptop computer. However, if your Gmail account is utilized in the iPhone's native mail app you can take the following steps to change it:

  1. Tap the "Settings" icon.
  2. Scroll down to "Accounts & Passwords."
  3. Select "Gmail" to access that account.
  4. Click "Account."
  5. There you can change your name as it appears on your iPhone, but be advised that this will NOT change your Gmail name across devices; only mail sent from your iPhone will reflect this name change. 

3 How to Change Your Name on Gmail From Your Android

Changing your name on Gmail is not a function supported by the Gmail app on Android or the on the Google mobile site. To make changes to Gmail settings, you'll need to sign into your Gmail account on a desktop or laptop.

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