Love spells shouldn't manipulate someone's emotions, but open you to finding love.

"Real" love spells bear little relationship to those you see in movies, novels and TV shows. Most Wiccan and pagan religions use spells based on the principle of "do no harm." Forcibly meddling in someone's life for personal gain -- such as casting a love spell to force that person's affections -- is highly discouraged. However, casting a love spell for the purpose of finding love or increasing your own happiness is acceptable and encouraged. Wiccans tend to prefer writing their own spells, but beginners can start with a few simple steps.

Consider the qualities you want in a mate. Think about physical characteristics, personality traits, beliefs and other qualities important to you. Don't envision a specific person; just focus on the general traits you'd like.

Write the qualities on a sheet of paper.

Spray the paper with a favorite perfume or other scent. Be sure the scent is strongly associated with you to ensure positive energy intended just for you.

Squeeze the flower petals while envisioning happiness, love and what your life might be like with a special love. Again, try not to envision a specific person, but rather a feeling or sense of who the right person for you would be.

Place the scented paper and flower petals in an envelope, wooden box or other container. Seal the container with a kiss as you envision a life full of love.