How to Cast a Stay Young Spell. Staying young is about more than age. It's maintaining hope even under the most trying circumstances. It's continuously trying new things and never being afraid to admit you have more to learn from life. The right attitude can do wonders for the natural process of aging. This spell fosters positivity and joy and will help you stay young no matter how the years progress.

Gather the things you'll need for the stay young spell and find a private place to perform it. You'll need time to contemplate the meaning of age and youth so you can rid yourself of preconceptions.

Place the things in the center of your space on a small altar, table or tray. Do some deep breathing and cast a circle around your work area. Imagine a white light surrounding the space that will keep you safe for the duration of the spell.

Write down words that you associate with aging on a piece of paper; for instance: disease, frailty, dependence and despair. On the second piece of paper, write down words you associate with youth such as beauty, energy and hope.

Light the red candle and stare into its flames. Imagine its energy surrounding you. Say: "I banish [the words you've associated with aging]." Then say: "I invite [the words you've written about youth.]"

Repeat these two sentences, building strong feelings inside you. Allow yourself to feel the sorrows you associate with aging. Imagine them being expelled from your body.

Spend some time in quiet meditation after you feel you've banished the negativity you associate with aging from your psyche.

Pick up the red rose and pick off its petals one by one. Cover the picture of your younger self with the rose petals. Feel the beauty of youth fill you.

Leave the petals on the picture until they start to get brown. End your stay young spell by bundling up the petals in the piece of paper with your aging words. Bury it in your garden or a park or cast the bundle into a river, lake or the sea.