How to Cast a Soften the Heart Spell. We all say things we don't mean at times and fight about unimportant things. But maybe you're dealing with a particularly stubborn person. Maybe your friend has sworn never to speak to you again and it's been almost a month since she did. Or perhaps you didn't mean to hurt your mom, but no amount of apologizing can bring her around. When this happens, cast this spell to soften the heart.

Choose a quiet, private place to cast your soften the heart spell. This spell not only sends positive energy to the person who's angry with you but gives you a chance to release your own sorrow.

Set up the things you'll need for your spell in the center of your space. The stone can be any type. You can use a precious stone of the person's favorite color or pick one up from the ground because its shape appeals to you.

Cast a circle to contain the energy you're going to call up. Light the candle, which should be white for purity and clarity.

Write the person's name on the piece of paper with your blue pen. Below the name, write the emotions you want to inspire in the one who's angry with you, such as forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

Wrap the stone in the paper and tie it with a piece of string or yarn. Hold the bundle in your hand. Close your eyes and concentrate on the one whose heart you wish to soften.

Say or think your plea. You might say the following if you wish forgiveness: "[Name], forgive me. I've wronged thee. Turn your heart from stone. Let forgiveness grow."

Stay in this quiet state, concentrating on your hurt and your wish to soften the person's heart. Imagine the stone absorbing your pain.

End your spell when you feel empty of sadness. Within 24 hours, bury the bundle in your back yard or a park. Alternatively, you can toss it into a river or lake or send it out to sea.