Living a minimalist lifestyle means decluttering your space.

Some people seek a minimalist lifestyle because of the economy or because of stress. regardless, there's never a better time to simplify and minimize your life than now. When most people assess their lives, they come to realize that there are some things that wouldn't really be missed if they were gone. Minimalism is not about suffering. Rather its intent is to bring a practical clarity to your life. Here are some things to get you started.

Declutter your stuff. Often we have way too much stuff and not enough room. Get rid of anythings that you don't use very often. Hold a garage sale or donate the items. You can't live a minimalist lifestyle if your place is piled with clutter.

Rearrange your leftover possessions to make space. Space is a critical element in minimalism. Without it, things will get cluttered again. Clutter is an enemy of minimalism.

Try to get one item for each kind of task. For instance, you should only have one car, one computer and one phone. Sometimes there is no practical reason to have multiples.

Clean out your wardrobe. If there are clothes you don't wear, get rid of them. Everything in a minimalist's lifestyle must have purpose.

Devise a budget. A budget is paramount if you want to be a minimalist. There is no need for extravagant expenses in this lifestyle so it isn't too hard to hold to your budget. But holding to the budget is a must.