How to Become a Medium. Since the beginning of time, people have communicated with the dead. Many people regularly interact with deceased loved ones without telling others about it. Some people are gifted or trained to communicate with the other side. If you have a desire to become a medium, follow these steps.

Make sure you are serious in your purpose for becoming a medium. You should do it to help yourself or others, not for entertainment, games or making money.

Establish a daily meditation practice of 10 to 20 minutes a day. Meditation helps to build your energy field, which helps protect you from negative spiritual energy. It also helps you tune into the spirit world.

Involve yourself in personal spiritual development. It is necessary to be spiritually strong to protect yourself from negative energy.

Begin a relationship with your spiritual guides. After establishing a relationship with them, tell them of your desire to become a medium. Ask one of them to help you.

Find a development circle that works with honing your medium skills. These can often be found through a unity or spiritualist church. If there aren't any development groups in your area, see if there are medium classes or development groups available online.