How to Become a Better Worship Leader

Understand your own Christianity in order to become an effective worship leader.

Worship leaders have an awesome responsibility to lead others into the presence of God. Some believe the only requirement for being a good worship leader is to be a good musician or singer. But being a good musician is only the beginning. Understanding the nature of worship and your role in it is crucial if you want to become become not only a better worship leader, but also a better Christian.

Spend time with God. This is the single most important thing you can do to become a better worship leader. It's only when you spend time in God's presence that you learn who He is and what pleases Him. You will never be able to lead others in worship if you don't spend time with God.

Listen to God. Ask God what He wants, not only for each individual service, but also for your worship team as a whole. Allow God to direct you in all things. Spend time in prayer before each service asking God to show you which songs He wants for the service. Always be open to new suggestions from God.

Study the Bible. It's crucial that as a worship leader you know what you believe. Worship leaders don't have the luxury of being lukewarm Christians. If you are not grounded in your faith, your worship will be dry and ineffective.

Be humble. Because leading worship puts you in a position to be noticed by others, sometimes your ego can become a problem. Try to maintain a spirit of humility as a worship leader. Remember, pride always comes before a fall.

Exercise authority. Although you need to maintain a humble estimation of yourself, it's important to exercise the authority God has given you. Take charge. You are the one God has chosen to lead your congregation into His presence.

Avoid rebellion. You will not always agree with your pastor or those who are in authority over you. Sometimes they may ask you to take the worship service in a different direction from what you believe God wants. That being said, you should always try to submit to those who have rule over you unless God tells you otherwise. In the end, God will bless you for your faithfulness.

Pray. Spend time in prayer daily for your pastor, your worship team members, your congregation, and mostly for yourself. If you are not spiritually strong, you will not be an effective worship leader. Pray for God to give you the strength to lead people in a way that is pleasing to Him, and ultimately to become a better worship leader.

Kim Linton is a political analyst, computer technician and ministry advocate who has been writing for the Web since 2001. Her work has been featured on major news sites including "The Wall Street Journal" and "USA Today," and has been published on a variety of niche sites including "Woman's Day" and "Intel." Linton holds degrees in business and marketing from Indiana University.