How to Become a Baptist Pastor. Baptists do not consider themselves as part of a denomination and thus don't fall under any one governing organization. They operate as individual churches that uphold basic Baptist doctrines. Specific requirements for Baptist pastors may vary from church to church but basic beliefs hold true.

Evaluate your desire to become a pastor by praying and talking with your Pastor and other Baptist leaders. Your desire may be characterized as a driving call that consumes you to become a pastor.

Examine if you believe in Biblical principles such as being a Christian and having a strong love for God. Think about your temperament and if others see you as someone well suited for the job. Explicit characteristics for a pastor that many churches refer to are found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Enroll in a Bible College such as Baptist Bible College and Seminary to gain proper training to be a pastor. Courses may include Family Life of the Minister or Effective Bible Teaching. Although becoming a Baptist pastor doesn't require a formal education, the coursework helps prepare a pastor to meet his expectations. Some Baptist congregations prefer a pastor that has a degree or education in theology.

Become a church pastor through an election process where a potential congregation votes on whether to have you as their pastor after a long search and interview process. Each Baptist church operates on an individual basis therefore the rules and voting process can vary from congregation to congregation.