Have an upstairs neighbor that you can't stand? Want to get back at your upstairs neighbor? Here is how you can annoy your upstairs neighbor without getting evicted.

Place your stereo on a higher shelf. Then, play music constantly. Your music doesn't need to be overly loud for it to annoy your upstairs neighbor. Also, your neighbor can't tell you where to place stuff in your apartment.

Constantly pound on your wall as if you're hammering something into the wall. You don't need to do this in the middle of the night in order to bother your upstairs neighbor. Once again, as long as you don't do this too frequently, there really no recourse that your upstairs neighbor can take.

Buy surround sound. Then, hang the surround sound high upon the walls. Much like the stereo, you don't need to blast your surround sound while watching television in order to annoy your upstairs neighbor.

Have people over for meals often. Talk loudly with these people and maybe even play some games. If you're not too rowdy with your guests there is little chance that your landlord will be able to say anything to you about the situation.

Buy an electronic dartboard. Hang the dartboard on your wall and then play darts often. If your neighbor complains, simply tell him that you're in a league and need to practice a lot.

Burn candles near the ceiling of your apartment. You'd be surprised at how much that smell travels up and through the walls. Just be sure to not blacken your ceiling too much.