U.S. soldiers standing in waiting room.

Adopting a deployed soldier in the US Armed Forces shows your appreciation for all they do to fight and protect the freedom of the United States of America. The adoption usually consists of a commitment to write and send care packages. Sign up through an organization that will match you with a soldier to get started.

Visit the websites of organizations such as Adopt A US Soldier, Hugs for Our Soldiers or Soldiers’ Angels, all of which specialize in matching soldiers with volunteers willing to adopt them.

Read through each site to see what they require for participation. Some organizations require a letter a week, while others require two a month. Care packages are also required as part of the programs.

Select an organization that matches your level of commitment and your needs. Apply to adopt a soldier. Fill out the application with your contact information and answer any interview questions.

Wait for confirmation and a match from the organization. Some agencies require you verify your email address. The confirmation process takes 24 to 48 hours. Write your soldier and send a care package.

Things Needed

  • ['Computer', 'Internet connection', 'Email address']


  • Do not get discouraged or give up if you do not ever hear back from your soldier. Many are in dangerous or even classified areas and may not be able to correspond. You might hear from the soldier when he returns home and expresses their gratitude for the letters and packages.

    Useful care package items include cards, board games, books, video games, lip balm, pain-relieving topical cream, lens cleaning cloth, hot sauce and individual drink flavor packets.