Model maker working with Lego blocks

Lego master builders serve a variety of roles in the Danish toy company. These elite model builders construct demonstration models for company events, large stores and the chain of Legoland theme parks. Lego hires only a few model builders each year. The career path to master builder requires promotion from model builder to senior model builder and finally to master builder status.

Model maker with Lego constructed Buckingham Palace

Obtain a bachelor's degree in an art-related field such as art, architecture or design. Attending an art school such as one of the Art Institutes, Rhode Island School of Design or the Pratt Institute will give you an advantage over applicants who have no formal creative training.

Lego models on shelf

Develop 3D modeling experience with programs such as Maya, 3ds MAX, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks. According to "Wired" magazine, Lego master builders have access to custom Lego computer-aided design (CAD) software to assist them during their builds.

Lego Star Wars figurines created by model maker

Gain experience building models with Lego bricks beyond an amateur level. Create portfolio of your original Lego models that shows your aptitude to conceive and build realistic-looking models of a variety of subjects. Possible subjects include famous monuments, people, scale models of cities and landmarks, and celebrity characters such as Yoda and R2-D2.

Characters created out of Lego blocks

Practice improvised model-building. If you interview for a position as a model builder, your interviewer will give you a subject to build out of a random selection of Lego bricks. Set aside 2,000 pieces, have a friend give you a topic and allow yourself 45 minutes to build a model.

Ford Explorer made out of Lego blocks at Chicago auto assembly line

Read everything you can find about Lego master builders and the application process to become a beginning model builder, both online and offline. Consider contacting the company for information about the position.

Check the Lego website for job opportunities in your country. (See the References section for a link to the jobs page.) Contact the HR manager in your country. This individual will help guide you through the application process and inform you of requirements you must meet. Use a combination of, your college's alumni network and the Lego website contact information to get in touch with employees of Lego who might be willing to pass your resume and portfolio along to HR. Every additional individual that refers you to the Lego HR department will increase your chances of receiving an interview.

If you schedule an interview, continue to prepare by honing your design and improvisation skills.

Entrance to model making studio

When you receive a job offer as a model builder, begin your apprenticeship. Model builders work on large-scale production of models and prepping demonstration models for shipment to retailers. They help translate model designs from senior designers into real-life, built models. As you gain more experience, the company will give you greater responsibility in builds and the opportunity to design your own models.

Lego model maker at work

Receive a promotion to senior model builder. These supervising designers and builders improvise and build some designs, as well as fixing problems with existing models.

Large smoke breathing Lego dragon at the entrance of Legoland Hotel

Achieve the master model builder designation. Master model builders design full models by themselves and produce public-safe, self-supporting Lego models. They develop their personal brands and act as spokesmen for Lego.