The costumes you choose should match the webcam persona you are creating.

Being a webcam model can be financially and personally satisfying. This career path allows you to work from home earning an hourly salary without costly transportation costs or wasting precious hours commuting. Becoming a webcam model is easy and relatively free depending on the equipment you already have. Necessities, like costumes, can also be made from your existing wardrobe, decreasing your startup cost even more.

Find a website that hosts webcam models. Look for websites that offer incentives like being free to join and start modeling. Check into each website's rate for customers, as well as the model's pay scale.

Set up your work space. Customers want a variety of scenery in which to see you, so move your computer (preferably a laptop) to your bedroom, an office space and the bathroom/bathtub to give yourself some versatility. You will need a high speed Internet connection.

Establish your model persona. Decide what type of model you will be on camera and match your attitude, costumes and sex toys (depending on the criteria of your hosting website) to your camera persona.

Promote yourself. Join adult Web forums, interact online with fans and utilize tools provided by your hosting website to increase your popularity.