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Because bras come in a variety of sizes, types, and shapes, bra manufacturers have a need for various kinds of models. Generally, successful bra models have a large bust in comparison to other measurements but do not have to conform to severely restrictive weight requirements as runway models do. In addition to having the right look, bra models need a professional attitude and a penchant for networking.

Getting Started

Have professional-quality photos of yourself taken. Look for a reputable photographer with experience along these lines.

Research modeling agencies specializing in bra and underwear models. Investigate the credibility of each agency. Make a list of the top agencies that interest you.

Send your photos to the modeling agencies. As with any other job application, politely follow up by email within a week or two.

Recognize that modeling is work and requires a professional attitude and skills. Show up to appointments on time and role-play practice interviews with friends.

Contract with a modeling agency. If interested, an agency will call to interview you. If you receive a negative response, thank the agency for its time and request contact information for another agency that might suit your look better.

Accept criticism from the agency as offered and take any necessary modeling classes. The agency may also take its own photos of you.


Maintain your look (weight, hair style, and color) as dictated by your agency. Measure frequently and have numbers on hand to send to potential clients.

Keep a professional attitude, even in the face of harsh criticism. This will make you a more appealing model to a variety of publications and ad agencies.

Demonstrate an active interest in your career. Express willingness to attend extra advertising events to your agent.

Work consistently with a personal trainer. Like other aspects of your career, staying in shape will require discipline.

Actively network. When you show up to a photo shoot, agency event, or party, always present your best attitude--and your card.