Things Needed

  • ['Resume', 'Cover letter', 'Portfolio', 'Computer with Internet access']

Applying for your first teaching job can be exciting. You want to make sure you get your applications to the right places at the right time. Take the time to read these steps before you apply for a teacher position.

Write to the school where you want to work. Ask about teaching positions. Present yourself well because first impressions count.

Develop a teaching resume outlining your teaching qualifications. Include information about your teaching certificate and any specialties. Add a cover letter explaining your desire to teach and your teaching objective. Make sure your cover letter is specific to the job you want.

Include letters of recommendation with your resume and cover letter. Include any volunteer positions you may have held.

Send a follow-up letter stating your continued interest in working at the school. You want employers to remember your resume and cover letter. Sending a follow up letter may help you stand out from the others.

Fill out an application. You can visit a teaching website and fill out your application online at an educational site like

Create an online teaching portfolio. Include your resume, cover letter and teaching experience. Give the web address to potential employers. Not only does this demonstrate your teaching experience but it shows your computer abilities.

Research teaching websites to see if there are any jobs available. Also, visit websites that take you through the application process. They show you the best way to apply for teaching jobs. Many employers in Canada post jobs here so you don't have to look around. Make sure the site applies to schools in your area.

Register with your local school boards. Keep your name on file in case any positions become available.

Sign up for teacher information days or go to any teacher career days with your local board of education. You can gain valuable insight into the application process. You might find out abut positions you weren't aware existed and you can make valuable contacts.


  • Try private schools and adult education facilities. Teach overseas for some valuable teaching experience.