Honors classes in high school can prepare the student for more demanding college courses. An "A" in an honors English class may help boost a college application or earn college credit if the class is considered Advanced Placement. The level of work required for an honors class may seem daunting; however, proper preparation is the key to receiving an "A" in Honors English. Small point deductions for not following directions can add up and drop your grade to a "B."

Step 1

Read the syllabus carefully. Write down test dates, paper deadlines and presentations in a school planner. Turn in assignments on time to avoid point deductions for lateness.

Step 2

Learn the required style sheets. Verify with the teacher whether you should adhere to the Modern Language Association, American Psychological Association or Chicago style when you prepare to write your papers. Incorrect citations or improperly formatted papers can cost you valuable points.

Step 3

Use a notebook and take notes while reading. Understanding the plot is only the first step. Pay attention to symbolism, character motivations and themes and be prepared to formulate a critical analysis and discuss these points confidently in class.

Step 4

Write strong papers. Relate each supporting paragraph to the thesis statement. Answer the question posed in the paper topic or subject. Determine whether the subject requires comparison, contrast, evaluation or a summary.