Choices of Historically Black Colleges and Universities are limited in Detroit.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs, offer students a college education with an emphasis on African-American history and culture. HBCUs exist throughout the Northern and Southern United States and were established to offer minority students a chance at higher education at a time when most universities were segregated. However, there was only HBCU Detroit, which closed in 2013. Now that there is no longer an HBCU in Detroit and no other HBCU in Michigan, students must travel a couple of hours outside of the city to attend an HBCU in neighboring Ohio.

HBCU In Detroit: Lewis College of Business

Lewis College is the only HBCU in Detroit and Michigan.

Founded in 1928 by African-American Violet T. Lewis, Lewis College of Business was the only Historically Black College or University in Detroit, Michigan. Sadly, it closed in 2013. The college offered instruction in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems and Office Information Systems. Current programs at the college include certificates or Master's degrees in Nonprofit-General, Nonprofit-Management and Nonprofit Faith Based Leadership. During the time that Lewis College os business was open, more than 27,000 students attended the school.

Central State University

Central State University is a four-hour drive from Detroit.

Central State University, or CSU, is located 4 hours outside of Detroit, Michigan in Wilberforce, Ohio. Established in 1856, the university is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

CSU encompasses three departments: the College of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business and Industry. Each offers a Bachelor of Art or Science degree in several majors. Examples of the degrees offered include: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Economics, Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Bachelor of Music.

Central State University accepts applications year-round and students can enroll at the beginning of any semester.

1400 Brush Row Rd. Wilberforce, OH 45384 1-800-388-2781

Wilberforce University

Wilberforce University requires students to complete an internship before graduation.

Founded in 1856, Wilberforce University is located four hours outside of Detroit in Wilberforce, Ohio. Wilberforce University is the sister institution of Central State University and according to its website is "the first predominantly African-American private university in the nation.” In 2010, the college had an enrollment of 850 students.

A four-year, liberal arts university, Wilberforce offers approximately 20 liberal arts majors. Students have the opportunity to study business, communications, computing and engineering sciences, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Additionally, in conjunction with other Ohio universities, Wilberforce offers dual degrees in architecture, aerospace and nuclear engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering and law. The university also offers a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Wilberforce University accepts applications every Spring for Fall enrollment.

Wilberforce University 1055 N. Bickett Rd. Wilberforce, OH 45384 (937) 376-2911