If you want to find old high school yearbook photos for free, you need to locate an old copy of the yearbook. To locate an old yearbook for free, you can contact the high school that published the yearbook, go to the public library in the town where the high school is located or get in touch with former classmates.

Step 1

Contact the high school that published the year book. Use the U.S. Department of Education's online search tool to find the contact information for the high school. Ask the high school if it keeps copies of old yearbooks. Many high schools keep copies of yearbooks and allow you to view the yearbooks in person. If the high school maintains copies of yearbooks, go to the high school in person. In most cases, you can't take the book off school grounds. However, you can view the book and make photocopies of pages that contain the photographs you might want.

Step 2

Go to the public library in the town where the high school is located and ask the librarian if the library has copies of old high school yearbooks. Locate the specific yearbook you want to view. Again, most libraries will not allow you to check the yearbook out. However, you can make photocopies.

Step 3

Make contact with high school classmates and ask them if they have copies of old yearbooks that you can view. If you aren't in contact with any former classmates, try to find them using social-networking websites, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. If a former classmate has a copy of the yearbook, ask if they can scan and email you the pages that contain the pictures you are trying to find.