Whether you pursue a business major in college or plan to open your own business, you should take classes that teach real-life practical skills. Confidence, integrity, accountability, responsibility, leadership, interpersonal skills and teamwork are lifetime skills you will need as consumers and for career success. Important high school business courses that teach real-life practical skills include classes in computers, management, economics and marketing. Not only will you gain necessary practical skills, but you'll have a foundation to succeed in your personal life, a business start-up or higher education.

Computer Classes

Computer classes give you a working knowledge of computers and software programs. You'll learn proper keyboarding technique and different software programs to create word processing documents, spreadsheets, electronic presentations and web pages. You may also learn to organize data, participate in role-playing about ethical dilemmas and evaluate online resources. Computer skills will give you a technological advantage you'll need throughout your life.

Management Classes

Management classes provide you with an understanding of business organizations. You'll learn essential skills such as leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, planning, organizing and communication. Classes that relate to management include accounting and personal finance. These teach you how to analyze business transactions, prepare financial statements and create budgets. Management classes give you important foundation skills needed for your personal life and to run a business.

Economics Classes

Economics classes introduce you to the structure and operation of the U.S. economy. You'll learn about the role of the federal government in the economy regarding fiscal and monetary policy. You'll study scarcity and opportunity costs, analyze the role of prices in the economy, study the operations and trends of the labor market, and learn to calculate gross domestic product, consumer price index and the unemployment rate. By studying economics, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of international trade and foreign exchange policy. Critical thinking, organization and communication skills will prepare you to operate your own business or further your college education.

Marketing Classes

Marketing classes offer you an overview of the marketing operations of a business. You'll learn about selling, promotion, buying, distribution, pricing, market research, product planning and entrepreneurship. In addition, you'll learn about human relations, business math and perhaps cash-register operation. Practical knowledge and skills gained from marketing classes will provide a solid foundation for you to excel in your personal life, college career or business endeavors.