Becoming a lawyer is not a simple or easy path, and high school is not too soon to start preparing. However, there is not a specific pre-law program as with medical school. Therefore, there are not any definite rules about what classes to take. The best course is to think about the types of classes that will best prepare a young student for a future in the legal profession.

Demanding Courses

A student who wishes to pursue a career in law should take demanding courses in high school, such as Advanced Placement classes, honors courses, and elective courses that are more academic and difficult. The student should also maintain a high grade point average.

Core Subjects

Core courses that a high school student should take in preparation for law school include as many English classes as possible, higher-level mathematics classes, history and social science classes. Focus on classes that will help develop the skills key to practicing law: problem-solving, critical reading, writing, oral communication and research. Do not settle for taking the minimal amount required for high school graduation.

Other Classes and Preparation

Other high school classes that will help prepare a student for a career in law include philosophy, psychology, and public speaking classes. Classes that require critical thinking such as demanding science courses, or research such as advanced English or history classes will also be helpful. Extracurricular activities can be beneficial as well, especially things like law club or debate team. Working on a school paper may also prove helpful for writing and research skills.