You can hide posts on your Tumblr blog’s home page in a few different ways. You can publish the post as Private, save the post as a Draft or schedule the post to publish on a certain day and time in the Queue. While posts are in Draft form or saved in the Queue, the posts are hidden from public view. When you publish a private post on a standard blog, only you can view the hidden post on your blog page. If you publish a private post on a shared blog, your private posts can be viewed by you, blog members and administrators.

Step 1

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then click the icon for the type of post to publish in the top toolbar to open a new post form. For example, click the “Aa Text” icon to open the New Text Post form.

Step 2

Type an optional title for the post, if the field is available, then complete the post form. Add an optional description, if the field is available for the post type.

Step 3

Click the down arrow at the top of the post form, then click the blog on which you want to save the new post.

Step 4

Click the down arrow next to the “Post” icon to view additional posting options.

Step 5

Click the “Private” option in the context menu, then click “Create Private Post” to publish the post. The post is published as private.

Step 6

Click the “Save as Draft” option in the context menu, then click “Save Draft” to save the post in your Drafts folder. When you save your first draft, a Drafts tab appears on your blog’s dashboard.

Step 7

Click the “Schedule” option to schedule the post to be published at a later time. Type the day and time to schedule the post in the Schedule field that appears under the option. Click “Schedule” to save the post to your queue. You can also click “Add to Queue” in the context menu to add the post to your queue without scheduling the post to publish. The first post you save to your queue will create the Queue option in your blog’s dashboard.