You can submit GRE scores from previous years to the schools of your choice.

The Graduate Record Examination is an exam that students are required to take to gain acceptance to many graduate school programs. As with any standardized test, you can take the exam multiple times. This system serves a few purposes. Generally speaking, students tend to improve their scores after they have taken it one or two times. When this is not the case, students can choose which set of scores to send to their prospective schools. In either situation, students have the opportunity to put their best foot forward when applying.

Review your scores. When you take the test at an computer-based testing center, you can see your past scores and your current unofficial score, other than the essay section, on test day. To see your scores after test day, create an account on the GRE website. This is where you make decisions on which scores to include in your application to graduate school. You will receive your most recent scores by mail, or you can call an automated phone service for a fee.

Order the scores of your choice. On test day, computer-based test-takers can decide to use only their current scores or include past scores as well. The test fees allow you to send these scores to a maximum of four institutions. Those taking the paper exam must make this decision before test day.

Order additional tests if you are applying to more than four schools. Log in to the GRE website, choose between most recent, all or any scores, and send them to the schools of your choice for a fee of $25 per recipient school. You can also order these scores via mail, fax or phone. The GRE site posts the required form to use for mail or fax, or call 609-771-7290 or 888-473-7267 with your credit card ready to order copies.