Good Topics for an Informative Essay

Briefly research a variety of topics to see which interests you the most.
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An informative essay requires you, the writer, to convey information without inserting your own opinion on the topic. When considering the subject for your essay, select a narrow topic that is not too broad. This will allow you to focus your essay. Having a few topic ideas to explore will help you choose subject matter that appeals to you, leading to an interesting paper for your readers.

1 Research Events

Begin your topic search by considering different periods of time that you find interesting. Perhaps you want to learn more about the early settlers in the New World, or you may prefer to focus on the importance of current events. You might consider wars and conflicts, such as the American Civil War, World War I or II, Vietnam or the Gulf War. Other ideas may include scientific discoveries or inventions. The effects of the Great Depression or disease outbreaks also make for good topics. You will, however, need to focus your essay on a narrow piece of the subject, such as how modern light bulbs differ from the first light bulb or how the Great Depression impacted certain industries.

2 Tell About a Person

You may find that writing your essay on a person will intrigue you. Some options include popular historical figures such as U.S. presidents or foreign leaders. You might also consider inventors such as Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin. Some essay assignments may allow you to write about your own family, but make sure you do not insert yourself into the essay. Instead, rely only on facts or what others say about the person. As with any topic, narrow the focus of your essay to one aspect of the person’s life. For example, you might focus on your great-grandfather’s immigration to the U.S. or how Benjamin Franklin created the first library.

3 Discuss Movements

Certain periods in history make for good essay topics. For instance, the movement to abolish slavery or to allow women to vote might pique your interest. For a more current movement, you might want to write your essay on gay marriage. You will, however, need to avoid inserting your own opinion or ideas. Instead, stick to the facts. If you do not think you can stand on the sidelines without voicing your opinion, consider a different topic. To narrow the topic, you might look at the first election where women were allowed to vote and whether they made an impact on the election.

4 Show a Process

Informative essay topics may also involve showing a process for doing or creating something. For example, you might explain how to make a certain meal, or you can explain the process that creates a law. Topics that depict a process are not typically too broad since you will have a narrow focus, describing a single action or task.

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