The Scholastic Reading Inventory test is an assessment of reading comprehension levels in students. Based on The Lexile Framework for Reading, the SRI is a computer-adaptive test given in a low-pressure environment without a time schedule. SRI testing allows teachers to measure a student’s reading ability and use her score to set goals and monitor progress. SRI score ranges for grades one to 11 are divided into four categories: minimal, basic, proficient and advanced proficient. Good SRI scores for each grade are those within the categories of proficient and advanced proficient.

Elementary Proficiency Levels

For first-grade readers, a score of 100 to 400 is proficient with anything above 400 classified as advanced proficient. Second-graders should ideally be between 300 and 600 hundred to be considered proficient with scores above 600 considered advanced proficient. Scores of 500 to 800 are proficient for third-graders; anything above 800 is advanced proficient. Fourth-graders should score between 600 and 900 to be proficient; scores above 900 for fourth-grade readers are advanced proficient. Proficient scores for fifth-grade students are those between 700 and 1000. Fifth-graders scoring above 1000 are advanced proficient.

Middle School Proficiency Levels

Sixth-grade students who score between 800 and 1050 are proficient readers, while those who score above 1050 are advanced proficient. For seventh-graders, a score of 850 to 1100 is proficient and anything above 1100 is advanced proficient. Students in the eighth grade should aim for scores between 900 and 1150 to be proficient. Eighth-graders who score above 1150 are advanced proficient.

High School Proficiency Levels

Ninth-graders should ideally be between 1000 and 1200 hundred to be considered proficient with scores above 1200 considered Advanced Proficient. For 10th-graders, a score of 1025 to 1250 is proficient and anything above 1250 is advanced proficient. Eleventh-graders should score between 1050 and 1300 to be proficient; scores above 1300 for 11th-grade readers are advanced proficient.

Improving Proficiency Levels

Students wishing to improve their SRI scores should read the Lexile books provided for their current level with the aim of advancing to higher levels. It is important to read each book carefully and slowly with comprehension in mind. It is also helpful when reading the books to visualize the story. This will create a visual memory that the student can tap into during testing. Students then should take the quizzes provided at the end of each book and concentrate on reading each answer fully to choose the best possible answer.