Good Pickup Lines for Girls to Say to Guys

Most guys prefer when a girl uses a direct approach.
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It is more common for guys to use pickup lines than girls. If you choose to use a pickup line with a guy, he will probably be surprised -- and flattered. What you say doesn't matter too much, but there are some openers that guys prefer. When in doubt, take stock of how a guy seems to be feeling and tailor your approach to him.

1 Be Direct

Guys are usually more receptive to pickup lines that are direct and show you are interested, according to the study, "Women’s Direct Opening Lines Are Perceived as Most Effective," published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. For example, you might say, "Hi, my name is Sally. I would like to meet you." Guys prefer direct pickup lines partly because it is easier for them to decipher what a girl wants. Guys may not be able to tell whether you are flirting from your nonverbal behavior alone, so help them out by being direct with your approach.

2 Be Innocuous

Innocuous pickup lines are vague, leaving the guy wondering whether you are interested in him or not, says consultant and author Judy Dutton, quoted in the Marie Claire article, "The Best Kinds of Pick-Up Lines." For example, you might say something simple like, "What do you think of the music tonight?" or "How do you like the party so far?" If you want to keep the conversation going after the initial question, follow up with something such as, "I'm thinking of choosing a song on the jukebox. Any requests?"

3 Be Cute

Sometimes funny or cute pickup lines work just fine. Guys rate lines such as, "Do you believe in love at first sight... or do I need to walk by again?" or "I've lost my number - could you give me yours?" high on the humor scale, according to the Seventeen article, "Guys Rate Your Pickup Lines." Anything lighthearted or flippant will work and shows that you don't take yourself too seriously.

4 Be Observant

If a guy is feeling stressed out, he will be most likely to respond to innocuous pickup lines rather than those that are cute or silly, writes psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman in the Psychology Today article, "The Cognitive Psychology of Pick-up Lines." If a guy seems to be distracted or worried, avoid being cheesy, funny or cute -- or you run the risk of turning him off. Instead, offer a vague comment. For example: "Crowded in here tonight, isn't it?"

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