Physical contact is necessary in relationships, as it sends a message of affection and intimacy. A simple gesture or touch can speak volumes; sometimes, much more so than actual words. In a an examination of several studies on interpersonal touch, professor of psychology, Alberto Gallace, Ph.D., found that non-sexual touching is important in the interactions and communication between friends as well as between romantic partners. Different areas exist where you can touch a guy to show him that you are paying attention and care about him, and these also increase the chances of him doing what you ask of him, without sending mixed messages. These places include the back, shoulders, arms and hands.

The Back

In her book, “Myths of Happiness,” professor of positive psychology, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., writes that a pat on the back is an affectionate and reassuring gesture. Doing this to your guy friend can make him feel more confident in what he is saying or doing. It effectively communicates “way to go” or “good job. “ Full or sideways hugs are also ideal as forms of greetings, farewells or comfort for guys.

The Shoulders

You can express closeness and companionship to a guy by placing an arm around his shoulders. Besides being a gesture in which friends can get comfortable and relax, this is another common way to give a hug. If a guy is feeling down because he didn't get the grade he expected in his exams or has just lost a relative, putting your arms about his shoulders can send a clear message that you are there for him. A gentle brush on the shoulder also expresses tenderness and affection.

On the Forearms

Touching a man on the upper arm can send a number of different signals that do not involve sexual connotations. A gentle touch on the upper arm or forearm can increase the chances of a guy agreeing to what you have asked him to do or helping you out of a difficult situation, more than if you had not touched him in that particular spot, according to Gallace. This gesture also shows affection.

The Hands

There are guys who enjoy holding hands while hanging out. This often comes naturally and expresses solidarity and closeness. If you are close friends with a guy or are a guy's romantic partner, you can caress the palm of his hands with your fingertips to show affection, concern or to give comfort.