Earning a minor along with your economics degree gives you a more rounded education and can open up more opportunities for you to expand your career -- or result in landing a higher-paying job if what you choose to study corresponds to your first job.

International Business

A minor in international business gives you a better understanding of how business is conducted on a global scale. It teaches you how multinational businesses operate and how companies in different countries communicate and work with one another. This knowledge pairs well with an economics major, giving you a better understanding of your field of study on a global scale.


Studying finance gives you a better understanding of the flow of money through businesses and helps you understand how the allocation of their funds works. You’ll learn about financial theory and the practical applications of those theories in the business world. Choosing a finance minor with your economics major will be beneficial to you if you wish to pursue a job in analyzing business finances.


Because economics looks at the forces of supply and demand, along with production and employment and how they affect local and global economies, a minor in math would help you in learning to mathematically analyze a region’s economic standing. The numbers and statistics you find will help you draw conclusions on what an economic situation means for people living a given region and the economic situation they have to look forward to if they continue business as usual or if they introduce more competition to the market.


If you’re interested in macroeconomics, or the study of things such as inflation, governments, unemployment and industrial production on a local economy, a minor in entrepreneurship could fit in with your direction. Entrepreneurship teaches students how to start successful business ventures from the ground up. You can use this knowledge to start businesses in areas of the world that need an economic boost, or you can use it to help struggling businesses find their way to success despite times of economic hardship.