A Quran is an appropriate gift for a Moslem man.

There are certain restrictions when giving gifts to Muslim men. According to Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid's article on the Islam-Qa website, Muslim men are forbidden to wear gold jewelry or silk. According to Shaykh ‘Abd-Alazeez ibn Baaz's article on the same website, Muslims cannot wear perfumes or colognes that contain alcohol. Attar is not made with alcohol and is an acceptable scent gift. When in doubt about the suitability of a gift, ask another Muslim male or an Imam (Islamic religious leader) for advice.


Muslim males can wear jewelry so long as it doesn't contain gold.

Muslim males may wear jewelry as long as it does not contain gold. Jewelry should also not depict religious symbols or images. Most Muslim gift shops will carry a collection of Islamic jewelry that is acceptable for giving to a male. Silver or platinum are acceptable precious metals for jewelry.

Prayer Rugs and Beads

A prayer rug and beads is a useful gift.

While a prayer rug is not required during the five Muslim daily prayer times, it is a nice way to ensure that the prayer area is clean. Muslim gift shops may carry a selection of decorative prayer rugs. Some shops will carry prayer sets that contain prayer rugs and tasbihs, or Muslim prayer beads. Tasbihs contain 99 prayer beads to represent the 99 names of Allah. A gift of a prayer rug and prayer beads is a very suitable gift for a Muslim male. It is also a practical gift because it will be used multiple times each day.

Quran and Other Religious Materials

The Quran is an acceptable gift for a Muslim man.

The Quran is an acceptable gift. Muslim shops carry the Quarn in a variety of price ranges. They also carry other religious materials that may make a suitable gift, such as recordings of the Quran or Muslim religious CDs. A Rehal is a Quran stand. This is a beautiful and decorative way to display the Quran. Stands may be found in a variety of materials and designs.

Muslim Art

Consider giving him a piece of art.

Muslim gift shops may carry a variety of Muslim art in compliance with religious law. According to Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah on islamqa.com, pictures of people or animals are not considered permissible according to Islamic law, so it may be easier to find suitable art from a vendor who caters to Muslim clientelle.

Traditional Muslim Clothing

Another acceptable gift would be traditional Muslim clothing.

Gifts of traditional Muslim clothing like the Jubba and Ihram or scarves may be acceptable to give a Muslim male. The clothing should not be made of silk and should not contain gold threads, according to Sheikh Al-Munajjid.