Gift Ideas for Someone Who Works From Home

An adjustable laptop desk or stand ensures the screen is at eye level for less neck strain.
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In many cases, a home-based job means the worker is responsible for supplying office essentials such as furniture, supplies and a computer. If she sits at a desk all day, get her a comfortable chair or an adjustable standing desk. A service-based gift such as babysitting service or housecleaning is a welcome treat for someone busy at work all day.

1 Office Furniture

Working at a computer all day may bring with it sore neck and shoulder muscles or even a sense of tiredness from sitting in one place for too long. An exercise-ball chair works core muscles that encourage better posture, and it may alleviate some types of back pain or tiredness. Include instructions for proper use, and encourage her to switch back and forth between the ball and a real chair for maximum benefit. If she works on a laptop, an external monitor or an adjustable-height desk or laptop stand helps to ensure that she keeps the screen at eye level instead of looking down to view her work, which may make her neck sore or tired. A standing desk in either an adjustable or wall-mounted version allows her to spend part of the day standing instead of being completely sedentary while at a desk.

2 Beverage Bonanza

If your friend enjoys sipping on hot coffee or tea while at work, a quality coffeemaker, French press or electric kettle ensures she'll have her favorite warm beverage on hand. A selection of organic coffee beans and a grinder allow her to grind fresh beans each day, sampling new flavors whenever she likes. Coffee pods and a pod holder are a quick means of brewing a hot beverage if she already owns a pod-style brewer. A wooden box filled with an assortment of organic teas lasts for weeks or even months. A nonslip, non-spill holder or a coffee mug helps prevent spills while working; purchase her a thermal travel mug if she walks around the home a bit during her workday.

3 Service-Based Gifts

A parent may find it difficult to work from home after school hours or on weekends with young children around. Offer to babysit one night a week for a month or so, or hire a reputable sitter so your friend can have time to himself while working or for a night out after work. Housecleaning and upkeep also may not get the necessary attention if he spends most of his time working. A gift certificate for a housekeeping service twice a month helps to keep those chores in check. If he is extremely busy, a healthy, catered meal service ensures he eats at least one quality meal a day.

4 Technology Boosts

A tablet offers a lightweight option for sending emails and searching the Internet so he has a chance to spend part of a nice workday sitting on the porch or patio without skipping out on work-related duties. A hands-free headset mic allows him to take calls while preparing breakfast or walking the dog. Antiglare glasses, whether prescription or nonprescription, cut down on eyestrain while he works at the computer.

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