Gemology is the field of study in which diamonds and gem stones are identified, classified and evaluated. A good gemologist will be well versed in the characteristics of various gemstones and what makes them more or less valuable than another of the same type. There are many training programs available for those interested in becoming gemologists.

International School of Gemology. ISG

The International School of Gemology offers two different programs of education. The gemologist program is geared toward students who want to learn gemology for personal or professional means but will not be appraising gems. Upon successful completion of the six required classes, a Registered Gemologist diploma will be issued. The gemologist/appraiser program includes six gemology and two appraisal courses. After successful completion of any course of study, a diploma and certification will be awarded in gemology and appraisal.

Gemology Institute of America, GIA

The Gemology Institute of America offers several different courses of study. Whether the student is interested in just diamond gemology, prefers to specialize in colored gemstones or would to be able to evaluate, grade and value all gemstones including diamonds, there is a training program to meet the student's needs. All programs result in certification and are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. GIA is a private, non profit school.

Canadian Institute of Gemology, CIG

Another large North American program can be found in Canada at the Canadian Institute of Gemology. Offering courses in introductory gemology, advanced gemology and appraisals, CIA is able to meet the career needs of many individuals. They also have a program leading to the designation of diamond expert. In addition the CIG also has a course of study that leads to the designation of accredited gemologist, a viable professional development pathway for those joining the CIG with gemology training from another school.

Other Programs

The Diamond Council of America in Nashville, Tennessee is a professional development school for jewelry professionals with training in diamonds and gemstones. Many international programs are available as well such as the Gemology Institute of Southern Africa, The Gemological Institute of All Japan and The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences in Thailand.