The General Education Diploma (GED) program, developed in 1942, has helped over 15 million individuals obtain a high school equivalency diploma. GED testing covers subject areas such as, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Sometimes employers or potential colleges request GED scores as part of the hiring or school admissions process. In some areas, GED test results are available online.

Obtaining your GED scores online.

Step 1

Call or email a representative at your local GED testing center or Department of Education and inquire about whether your particular GED test results are available online. If available in your area, log on to the respective GED test results web page. Some sites are available according to your state. For example, if you are a California test taker, log on to the GED California Examinee website.

Step 2

Input your last and first name in the designated boxes and enter the four-digit PIN number chosen during your initial GED examination.

Step 3

Enter your date of birth with the two-digit month and day, followed by the four-digit year. For instance, enter a June 14, 1991 birth date as 06/14/1991.

Step 4

Click the appropriate testing language from the drop-down menu. Most tests are offered either in English or Spanish. Click "Enter" and review your GED test scores. Download and print a copy for both your personal records and the requesting agency.

Step 5

Contact the local or state Department of Education or GED testing center to inquire about passing scores. For example, in California, examiners must score at least a 410 on each of the five GED sub-tests and earn an overall standard score of 450. Scores required for passing may vary by state.