Finding time to talk to your boyfriend on the phone may be impossible for you when you are wrapped up with your busy schedule. Text messaging may be the only means of communication for the both of you through out the day. Flirty texting can encourage the attraction between two people, according to the "Marie Claire" article, "Does Texting Help or Hurt Romance?" Consider playing flirty games with your guy to spice up your messaging and let him know you're thinking on him.

Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Engage your boyfriend in a treasure hunt through text messages. Send him to locations that have significance to your relationship. Text him the first clue, such as "Go to the place where we shared our first kiss." Continue to send clues and have him text you when he arrives there to reveal the next clue. If he gets stumped, you can even send photo messages as hints. Let the local park be the final destination. Hide behind a tree or bush. When he gets there, jump out to surprise him with a picnic basket and enjoy lunch under a tree. Then, let him create a scavenger hunt for you to embark on.

Would You Rather...

If you were ever curious about whether your boyfriend would rather do something else or have something else in place of you, give him a chance to let you know just for laughs. Text him a series of daring questions, such as " See me in a bathing suit or go to the World Series?" or "Kiss me or be a millionaire?" You could even compare his favorite things to you to make it more difficult for him to answer, such as "Me or a slice of chocolate cake?" If he finds something he would enjoy better than being with you, then it's his turn to ask you some questions.

Tried-and-True Couples

Show him that your love for each other can be compared to couples from popular culture. Text him the name of a female celebrity or cartoon character and he must text back her male love interest at the time. For example, text "Lucy" and then he would text back "Ricky," text "Jada" and then he would text back "Will, text "Kim" and he will reply with "Kanye" and so on. To make it more difficult, consider giving him descriptions instead of names, "Married to red-headed cave woman" and then he would reply with "Fred." Let him take a turn to send you clues to guess the female counterpart in the couple.

Romantic Love Story

Create a fairy tale to express your love through text messaging. See how well you both can remember the day you first met or a special moment in your relationship. Send him the first line such as, "Long ago, there was a sad, pretty girl" Then, he would continue with a reply for the next line of the story, such as, "and she was spotted by a cute guy." You could then say, "To cheer her up, he asked her to the school dance" and so on. Continue going back and forth with each other until you have all the story details.