When you're trying to study, it's easy to succumb to distractions like phone calls from friends, snacks in the kitchen, video games and email in your in box. Get more work done in less time with tricks to force yourself to concentrate now and play later.

Eliminate time wasters that will split your focus. Turn off your cell phone, computer, radio and television. Put off checking email until after you've studied in case you read something that will worry you throughout the study session.

Sit at your desk rather than reclining on your bed. If you're lounging and reading, you may start daydreaming or inadvertently doze off. Schedule set amounts of time to force yourself to remain at your desk and take frequent breaks in between.

Gather everything you'll need to study like textbooks, notebooks, paper, pens, water and snacks before you start so you won't have to get up repeatedly.

Tell other family members that you're hoping to get a lot of studying done. Ask them to keep the volume down on the television, take phone messages for you and keep younger kids out of your room.

Complete other tasks that may preoccupy you. If you know your mother will remind you in a few minutes to take out the trash, for example, do it before you begin your study session.

Study at the library if your siblings, parents or noises outside your home are preventing you from concentrating. If you run into several kids from your school at the local library, drive to one in another city so you'll be completely free from distractions.

Force yourself to study by creating incentives as motivation. Allow yourself an extra half hour of video games tomorrow for every hour you concentrate today, for example. Reward yourself with dinner out, a new outfit or a compact disc if the studying results in a good test grade.