After doing your research and narrowing down your college choices you'll need to have an application for admission. College application forms are available from the school. Either email, write or phone the Office of Admissions and ask for an application to be sent to you. Some applications can be downloaded from the college's website, or found in the college catalog or brochure.

Manilla file folders

You need to organize all your college application materials by creating a separate file folder for each college. Use a manila file folder for the paperwork.

On the front of the manila file folder print the name and contact information of the college. Print the deadline application date. After you receive information for an appointment in person, add that to the information on the folder.

Most all colleges request an essay to be sent along with your application. Write the draft before putting the finished version on the application. Have that prepared and checked for grammar errors and spelling typos. Proofread it more than once and have a teacher or parent check it too.

Generally all the applications will require similar information from you, but read each one over and make notes as you go along. Put those notes inside the individual manila file folders for easy reference.

Remember to follow all of the directions stated. Don't leave anything out, no blank spaces. Answer all the questions.

Type or print your answers using a pen. Make everything legible. Be neat and tidy. Don't smear or cross out anything. Take your time.

Proofread all sections your application. Have your parent or teacher proofread it, also.

Don't forget to sign and date your application! Include a check for the application fee.

High School Transcript of Grades

You will need to send your High School Transcript. If the application requests supporting materials, send those along too. These might be letter(s) of recommendation, or examples of your work or interests.

Make a copy, just in case. If application materials are lost, it will be easy to resend your application quickly.

When sending the application by land mail, you might want to use certified mail or return receipt.