How to Fill Out the Classroom Instruction Log Record

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The state of Texas requires a Classroom Instruction Log as one of the documents that must be presented when applying for a Texas learner's license. The classroom instruction log can be completed by a drivers' education instructor or by a parent who is taking responsibility for his child's driving education. Parents must meet a set of qualifications in addition to purchasing parent taught drivers education materials, and paying a fee to the Texas Department of Public Safety, to be able to teach their children. It is important that the document be completed correctly to be accepted as proof of training by the representatives of the Department of Motor Vehicles when administering the driver's tests.

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1 Decide course plan

Decide what course plan you intend to use. The concurrent method requires that at least six classroom hours be completed before taking the Texas learner's license exam and beginning road time. The block method requires 32 hours of classroom time before taking getting a learner's license and beginning road time. With either course all 32 hours, broken into 10 classes, must be completed before taking the driving portion of the drivers test.

2 Write the start

Write the start and end times for instruction and the date of instruction on the Classroom Instruction Log each time you lead your child in coursework instruction. The log is broken into 10 sections for each of the required courses. Make sure you record the time completed in the boxes appropriate to the course material covered during that time.

3 Has been completed

When a course has been completed enter the date of completion on both the log and the instructor affidavit.

4 Sign your name

Sign your name beside the completion date on each document.

5 Repeat this process for all ten courses

Repeat this process for all ten courses. It is important to insure that the document is filled out correctly for all of the required time in all of the required courses. This is how you can document that all the outlined objectives were completed when a student goes to take the driving test.

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