You enjoy being with your best guy friend but you also want to make time to get to know a female friend a little better. However, it appears as though she is not interested in hanging out with you. Since you are not sure why she is apprehensive, try to discover why she keeps her distance and choose your solution accordingly. You might be able to do simple things to make her feel more comfortable about hanging out with you.

Stay Clear of Anything Romantic

Your friend may think you are trying to ask her on a date when you simply want more one-on-one time to strengthen your friendship. Communicate to her that you are only interested in a friendly outing and have no plans for a relationship, suggests psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in his Psychology Today article "Can Men and Women Be 'Just Friends'?" Be sure to avoid an outing that will make her think of it as a date, such as dinner at an upscale restaurant. Perhaps you can suggest to her laser tag or going bowling. Do not give her a hug or hold her hand on your outing, as these gestures can imply the wrong intentions.

Learn About Her Hobby

Ask your friend if she can hang out with you to give you a few pointers about her favorite pastime. Having a friend show you her expertise in a hobby can help you grow closer, according to psychologist John M. Grohol in his Psych Central article "10 More Ways to Make Friends." Your friend may consider it an honor and will likely be glad to show you the ins and outs of something she enjoys doing. Perhaps she can teach you how to play badminton or how to cook Italian cuisine. Additionally, you can return the favor and teach her about a hobby you are an expert in that interests her.

Have Others Join You

If you and your friend are both in relationships, plan a group outing and bring along your significant others to come hang out with you. Having your significant others in your presence together can diffuse any fear they have about you both liking each other, according to clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren in his eHarmony article "Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?" Perhaps you can play a few rounds of miniature golf or go to a game entertainment center. Alternatively, if you both are single or only one of you is in a relationship, have some of your other friends come along.

Ask For Her Input

Your friend may not want to hang out with you because what you enjoy doing for fun simply does not hold her interest. Finding activities you both enjoy doing together is a good way to invest in your friendship, according to the Help Guide article "How to Make Friends." Ask for her suggestions and come to an agreement on something you both can enjoy together when you are hanging out. Perhaps you both like playing games. Head to the park to play volleyball or soccer or have a friendly board game competition. Maybe you both are avid readers. Find a local book fair to attend together.