College placement tests are administered by colleges in order to determine the course level students are prepared to take. The test results are not classified as pass or fail and instead offer advisers insight into which remedial courses are needed.

The Facts

Also known as a CPT, a college placement test reviews reading, math and writing skills. Students do not have a time limit to complete the exam and the questions are multiple-choice except for the writing portion of the exam.

Low CPT Scores

Some colleges allow students the opportunity to retake the CPT at least one time. Students that score low on any part of the exam are required to take preliminary non-college credit courses before registering for any core college courses.


Most colleges charge students a fee to retake the CPT exam.


An adviser should be consulted before a CPT is scheduled. At some colleges, American College Test (ACT ) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores may be submitted in place of the CPT scores as long as these scores meet the school's guidelines.


Practice tests, workshops, study guides and review sample questions can be utilized to prepare for the exam and achieve higher scores.