School memories are captured in the pages of school yearbooks. Yearbooks highlight the students who attended the school during a particular school year. Although treasured for the first few months after purchase, yearbooks often end up gathering dust or in old cardboard boxes. Because yearbooks belong to years past, they often get lost. If your yearbook has been lost or you never bought one, there are ways to locate copies, with an investment of some money and time.

Call the elementary school you attended. School libraries and administrative offices tend to keep extra copies of old yearbooks. Ask the school whether they have copies of old yearbooks. If the answer is no, ask to speak to the school's yearbook adviser. The yearbook adviser or even the school's journalism adviser might have copies.

Contact the school district, the public library, and even the alumni association (or club) for the school. District offices might have at least one copy of each yearbook from all the schools in the district. Similarly, local libraries tend to have copies of yearbooks from the local schools. The library will probably have only one copy. Be prepared to make copies from the library's copy. Not many elementary schools have alumni networks, but the school office will be able to tell you whether there is an alumni coordinator or association. The association or coordinator will either have a copy or will know where to get one.

Search the Internet for yearbooks associated with your school's name. If your yearbook had a title, enter it in the search field. Search online auction sites for a copy. A classmate might have a copy for sale on an auction site such as or on

Join a social networking site such as or If there is a group for your elementary school, you might locate classmates who will have copies. Ask them if they would be willing to sell a copy.

Place an ad in the local newspaper. Include the school name and/or yearbook title, town and the year you are looking for. Some newspapers will even let you place an ad for free in their wanted section.