You’ve been telling a great story about elementary school to a friend and suddenly remember that someone took a photo of the occasion. Now all you have to do is find the picture. With today’s social networking opportunities, you might be able to locate a copy of the elementary school picture without having to dig through boxes of old photographs dragged down from the attic. Just put the Internet to good use and do some sleuthing and soon you could have your very own copy of the elementary school picture.

Step 1

Contact your elementary school to see if they have copies of the photo. There is a good chance they have it in their archives if it was displayed in a yearbook.

Step 2

Ask the person who took the picture if they have a copy of it in their possession, if you are still in touch with them. They might have two copies or be willing to give you their copy. They could also scan the photo so you can have a digital copy of the elementary school picture.

Step 3

Join a social networking website and invite friends and former classmates to join you on the site. Encourage them to invite other former classmates to the site. Browse through the photos that the friends put on the social networking website to see if they have a copy of the image you want to find.

Step 4

Post a request to all the former classmates, inquiring if anyone has a copy of the picture you are looking for. Ask everyone to let you know if they think of someone you can contact to get the picture if they don’t have it themselves.

Step 5

Look at different online auction websites to see if anyone is selling an old elementary school photo. Sometimes sellers pick up old yearbooks and re-sell them online. Make sure you specify the class and year in your search.

Step 6

Call the company that distributed your school yearbooks, if the photo you are looking for was published there. They might have copies of the photo in their archives that they would be willing to sell to you, or they might be able to get you a copy of the yearbook that it was published in.

Step 7

Attend a class reunion. Let people at the reunion know that you are looking for that particular photo and ask for a copy if someone has it.