Earn a college degree online or on campus.

Earn a Traditional Degree on a College Campus

Students on a college campus can go to a librarian for research help.

Access to academic support makes a traditional bachelor's degree easy to obtain. Advisers, faculty, librarians, peers and technical support staff stand ready to help. You can have face time with librarians who have the expertise to instruct you in how to use complicated databases. An on-campus educational experience will offer you many opportunities not available to online students.

Online Degrees Can Save Time

Pursue an online degree anywhere.

Many accredited colleges now offer bachelor's degrees in a completely online setting. Obtain your degree without setting a foot in a traditional classroom. You have access to your course content 24 hours a day, and you can schedule your schoolwork around your job and family duties. Working at your own pace can save time; you don't have to travel to a campus and search for a parking space, which can be aggravating. Libraries are available online at your fingertips.

Bottom Line

Online degrees require a more motivated student.

The traditional four-year college degree may represent the best choice for a young or new student who needs support and guidance. According to Dr. Frank Fletcher, for adult learners the online "methodology [is] very effective" but requires "learners to be focused and self motivated ... ." A learner who wants convenience and to save time will find the online bachelor's degree the best choice.