There are minor distinctions between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science business degrees, although the majority of business degrees awarded are of the latter type due to the technical aspects of the many subsets of the business field.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science, or B.S., degrees involve the technical study of subjects related to business. Many business schools award Bachelor of Science degrees in fields such as accounting, finance and taxation. These types of degrees are more specialized than Bachelor of Arts degrees and have a more technical focus, with a greater reliance on mathematics and numerical data.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts, or B.A., is often awarded in business majors that cover a wide range of specialties or do not concentrate on the technical aspects of a field. Majors such as business administration often result in Bachelor of Arts degrees due to their all-encompassing nature.


Although most employers do not care about the minor distinctions between a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, a student should be aware of the amount of technical proficiency they desire. If you are attempting a Bachelor degree in a technical field such as finance or accounting, a Bachelor of Science is recommended. A general business major would most likely be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.