Before deciding on a name for your mentoring program, think about your specific goals. If your primary goal is to mentor young boys who are growing up without a father, you would choose a title that best reflects this mission. Also, look for names that best describe what you want the teenagers to become. For example, if you want to give your group members financial mentoring, choose a name that would describe this mission.

Avoid generic titles for the group. Instead of naming it "Raising Hardworking Teens," use a more relevant and specific title such as "Training Teens Globally." Also stay away from names that are often used by other community groups in your city.

Get help from fellow teachers and students. Make it fun by holding a contest where each person can write down five creative and meaningful titles that match your goals for the group. When you receive the titles, review them for a week and then announce the winning title over the intercom during the morning announcements.

Get inspiration from teenagers in your life. If you have some teenage nephews, talk to them about the mentoring group you're starting and describe your goals for the program. Then ask your nephews to come up with some good titles.