Just about every American high schooler uses a programming calculator. This calculator is usually the Ti 83 or 84 from Texas Instruments. Programming on those calculators are great, but sometimes you need to delete unwanted programs. This will give you Ti 83 or Ti 84 help in deleting those programs

Turn on you calculator. Just click on the ON button in the lower left hand corner.

click the 2ND button in the upper left hand corner. This will allow you to access the blue options that are above each button. Do not click anything after that or your 2ND will be "voided." To make sure the 2ND option is selected, see if the blinking box on the screen now has an arrow in it facing up, or if there is an arrow in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

After clicking 2ND, click the + button. This button is right above the ENTER button in the lower right hand corner. Because 2ND is selected, it will load the 2nd command for that button, the blue command above it. This is MEM, which will take you to the memory menu.

in the MEMORY menu, scroll down to 2: Mem Mgmt/Del... This is the memory management and delete sub menu. Select it by pressing ENTER. In this menu, scroll down to 7: Prgm... and again click enter.

Click Enter on the program you want to delete. Then, click the DEL delete button, located at the top of the buttons under the 3rd column. When asked ARE YOU SURE? Scroll to 2: YES and click ENTER.


  • 2: Mem Mgmt/Del... it may take some time to load the available ARC FREE row. Wait for this, as the menu will only load after this row has

  • 7: Prgm... is not visible when the menu loads, you must scroll down past 6 to see it.


  • for the menus you can also select the buttons that correspond with the list number. eg. 2: Mem Mgmt/Del... can be selected by pressing 2 instead of scrolling down to the second item in the list.