You've met the girl of your dreams – or at least you think you have. She's attractive, funny and interesting, and you can see yourself spending years with her. Unfortunately, she has this one little habit that drives you crazy. If you're on time to pick her up for your 7 p.m. date, you'll end up sitting in her living room cooling your heels for half an hour while she finishes getting dressed. You can live with it, try to change yourself or try to change her.

Take It as a Compliment

There's a big difference between a girlfriend who's chronically late because she just doesn't have time in her busy schedule to get ready to see you and one who is standing in front of her mirror trying to look perfect – presumably for you. Ask yourself if you'd rather she was on time but didn't give a hoot whether you like her appearance. If the answer is no, then a little encouragement might be in order. If she wants to go back and check her hair one more time, or maybe change into another pair of jeans, assure her that she looks terrific as she is.

Little White Lies

If your girlfriend consistently makes you late for movie start times, parties or other engagements, you can try to accommodate her quirk. If you know you absolutely have to be on the road by 7 o'clock to get where you're going on time, tell her you'll pick her up at 6:30 instead. Build into your schedule the amount of time you think she's going to be late. Another solution that doesn't involve fibbing might be to tell her to meet you wherever you're going – whenever she shows up, she shows up. You won't have to wait for her, communing with her dog while she primps.

Patience Is a Virtue

Depending on your own temperament, you can always just resign yourself to the fact that your girlfriend probably isn't ever going to be on time. Her lateness may be grounded in a psychological cause such as insecurity, meaning it is difficult for her solve the problem without professional help. In this case, if you anticipate and understand her quirk, you may not feel so annoyed by it. Her tardiness can only irritate you if you expect something different from her.

Respect Yourself

If your girlfriend's chronic lateness feels like a sign of disrespect, your relationship has bigger issues than what color lipstick she should wear. In this case, you really have only one option. You'll have to place the ball in her court. Tell her how her habit makes you feel. If she continues to do it anyway, she might not be the girl of your dreams after all. If she is, she'll start putting that last layer of lipstick on in the car because she knows she'll hurt you if she insists on fussing at home instead.