You are from the city but the guy you are going on a date with hails from the country. You are probably intrigued by the fact he is different from you in so many ways. It is typical for someone to be drawn to a romantic partner who is her polar opposite, according to psychotherapist Ross A. Rosenberg in the Huffington Post article "She Drives a Mercedes, He Rides a Harley: Why We Are Attracted to Opposite Personalities." Show genuine interest in the things he loves to make your dating experience more comfortable for both of you.

Respect His Country Charm

Country guys may have more of a courteous nature than other guys you previously dated. "Country folk" care about their reputations and take special care to show their manners, according to psychologist Lawrence T. White in his Psychology Today article "Southern Comfort." Be understanding if he is overly respectful on your dates. He may often say "Please" and "Thank you" and speak to everyone he sees when you are with him. Additionally, he may add "m'am" and "sir" to his "yeses" and "nos."

Explore Country Hobbies

Your country guy's favorite pastimes may differ dramatically from your own. He may prefer outdoor hobbies and sports in a natural atmosphere rather than staying indoors. Allow him to impress you with his skills and give you a lesson in a hobby he is an expert in for a date, suggests psychologist Alice Boyes in the Psychology Today article "21 First Date Ideas." Perhaps he can teach you the ins and outs of fishing. Or give you a fiddle lesson under a tree. Maybe he can give you a horseback riding lesson at a local stable.

Taste Popular Country Flavors

Experience the traditional country foods he eats that you may be unfamiliar with. Gumbo and crawfish are some of the mouth-watering foods "country people" from the Southeast may enjoy, says White. Ask him to take you to a restaurant that specializes in country cuisine or have him prepare you a few of his signature dishes. Surprise him one day by trying your hand at cooking a popular country dish. Alternatively, with your parents' permission, perhaps you can have a backyard bonfire. Let him show you how to roast hot dogs and beans over the fire.

Learn Country Dance Moves

It is probably no surprise to you that your country guy is into Western music and enjoys country line dancing. Foot-tapping music, such as blues and zydeco, are commonplace in the southeastern region, explains White. If he has good dancing skills, ask him to be your one-on-one dance instructor. Dress in cowgirl attire and put on his favorite western music. Let him guide you through simple line-dance steps. Once you feel comfortable, find a local country line-dance party where you can go together and show off the new moves he taught you.