Dance Teacher Certification

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A dance teacher certification is a simple way to earn recognition from your students and your workplace. The certification process is relatively simple and low-cost, making it an efficient and effective way to boost your skills on your resume and on the dance floor.

1 Types

Dozens of types of dances and dancing are available and just as many dance teacher certification programs. Ballet, tap, jazz, creative movement, ballroom and tango dancers all need to learn from someone, and instructors who have a dance teacher certification have a leg up on other dance teachers who do not.

2 Time Frame

The time frame to obtain a dance teacher certification is very short. Many times you can take the exam and get your results the same day. Dance teacher certification websites, such as, provide same-day certifications, as do many other online certification sources. Live classes and training programs resulting in a dance teacher certification area typically are longer and require experience before certification.

3 Cost And Qualifications

The cost for a dance teacher certification is as varied as the dance steps themselves. For fast and easy online certification, the cost is varied but is usually less than $200. However, lengthy training programs cost more and can cost into the thousands.

Some dance teacher certification tests and courses require no qualifications to begin. Some require dance teachers to have prior experience, schooling and a degree to begin training to earn a certificate.

Check with the program you want to get certified in to check cost and qualifications.

4 Job Outlook

The job outlook for dance teachers is tough, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics at BLS. Competition for jobs is large and growth for these types of jobs and careers is slower than the average career. Regular employment can be found by talented dancers. Do not let all of this discourage you from a career in the dance industry though. With dancing gaining an all new popularity thanks to television shows, there is definitely room in the industry. A dance teacher certification can give you the extra edge you need to get the job as a dance teacher that you want.

5 Considerations

Before beginning any dance teacher certification program or exam, take into consideration cost, time involved and the job outlook. The reason you have to take all of this into consideration is because spending thousands of dollars on a dance teacher certification will not benefit you if you do not earn that cash back or have a steady job to use the certification.

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