Your crush asking you out is likely an exciting event -- possibly tinged with nervousness. If you feel like you are ready to date your crush, proceeding by planning a date is a good first step. If you are not ready to date your crush -- either because you are not allowed or ready to date or do not have the time to get in a relationship -- then it is important to share these feelings.

Responding to Your Crush

If you want to go out with your crush and feel ready for dating and a relationship, you might want to let your crush know that you have shared his feelings and are happy that he feels the same way. Afterward, you might want to make plans to go to a movie or hang out. If you are not ready to go out with your crush or are not allowed to date, be honest with him. Tell him that you have had a crush on him, are interested in him, but cannot or do not think it is a good idea that you go out with him right now. You can also let him know that if things change, you are indeed interested in him.