Students encounter new vocabulary during elementary, middle and high school, as well as college. You can create vocabulary games to help prepare for quizzes and tests. A game might be designed for one person or multiple people. By creating a fun and accurate game, you can strengthen your ability to remember words long after an exam.

Step 1

Create a list of all vocabulary words that you want to use. Group words based on subject, such as science, English, math, history or a foreign language. For math, you might review words such as integer, right triangle and coefficients. Review the spelling and definition to make sure you have included the correct words.

Step 2

Develop a vocabulary quiz that tests your ability to identify words. For example, create flash cards with definitions on one side and answers on the other.

Step 3

Evaluate definitions, synonyms and antonyms to develop a crossword puzzle. Work with other students by asking them to create puzzles that you can exchange with them.

Step 4

Buy graphing paper or use a spreadsheet to develop a word search game. You can place words vertically, horizontally or diagonally, then add random letters along with a word list.

Step 5

Explore educational websites such as that can help you create games. Many interesting programs exist, such as, which maintains a free word scrambler that you quickly can use and print.