Getting your high school diploma may be an exciting experience as you're finishing up your high school career, but after a few years or a few moves, you may find you can no longer locate your diploma. Though a diploma's value is largely sentimental, you may want to replace it. Here's how.

Call the school you graduated from to ask how to get an official copy of your transcript. Usually, they'll direct you to the Inactive Records office of your local school district. If the school you graduated from is no longer open, call the local school district.

Request a certified copy of your transcript. Most districts will require you to present a certified transcript as proof of graduation. Be prepared to provide the year of your graduation and the name you used at graduation when you call. Because of federal education privacy laws, you may be required to make your request in person or in writing. Some school districts may charge a fee for a certified transcript.

Ask the district office what you need to do to request a duplicate diploma. Usually, you request the diploma of the school or district registrar, in person or in writing. Be prepared to show your transcript and to pay a fee for the diploma. It usually takes between six to eight weeks for the diploma to be processed.