In many offices, a copy of the occupant's college diploma hangs on the wall. Do you have one of these trophies? Do you even know where you put yours? Don't worry - you can get another copy.

Look up the phone number for the Registrar's office of the college or university from which you graduated. There is usually one person or department within the Registrar's office designated to handle graduates' requests.

Make sure you can provide all the necessary information. You will need to give the Registrar your social security number, your name at the time of graduation and the date you graduated.

Call or write to the Registrar's office of your alma mater requesting a copy of your diploma. Usually, no fees are charged for this service.

Find out if your school has a Web site. These requests can often be handled online, saving you time and possible long-distance phone costs.

Allow a couple of weeks for your diploma to arrive; the school must verify that you actually have a degree before it is printed and signed by school officials.

Buy a nice frame and hang your trophy on your office wall.