Social media is a reflection of your life, and part of the fun is in connecting your accounts to each other rather than treating each of them like a walled garden. Many social media websites and apps have built-in sharing features to make spreading your content around easier, and Instagram is no exception. Connect Instagram to your Tumblr account, for instance, and you will be able to post any photo from your personal stream to your blog with just a few taps, gaining an extra outlet for your creativity and helping you reach a wider audience.

Step 1

Tap "Profile" and then tap the "Context Menu" button, located at the top right of the screen.

Step 2

Tap "Sharing Settings" and then tap "Tumblr."

Step 3

Fill in your Tumblr username and password, and then tap "Done." You will be returned to the Sharing Settings screen and the "Tumblr" menu entry will now have a check mark beside it, indicating the link is active.